Waiting Room Reading 9/29

ACTUAL VS. ESTIMATED U.S. WEALTH DISTRIBUTION. by gwen Dmitriy T.M. let us know that Matthew Yglesias posted an interesting graph that compares the actual distribution of wealth in the U.S. compared to what different groups estimate the distribution to be: As Yglesias says, it’s striking not just that we underestimate how much wealth the top 20%…


Doctor’s Recommendations: Skewby

Most people who know me, know that I spent some time in Memphis, TN. It was a very different experience for someone like me. Even though people say folks from Chicago are country, it was a slight culture shock to be in the real south. But it was fun. The one thing I always noticed…


Stussy X Neighborhood Collabo

The legendary Stussy is about to release their latest collaboration with the equally prestigious Japanese brand Neighborhood. Called the Boneyards II: Conspiracy, this exclusive collabo will drop Friday at Stussy chapter stores worldwide.


Nice Guys Finish First…

Been vibing to some of their stuff for some time now, so I got real excited when this project dropped. Their brand of music is just “classy”…so take the time out to download this wonderful work. One of the best releases this year… The Nice Guys- The Show (album)

How the US Views Europe (some fun)

Waiting Room Reading 9/28

____________________________________________________________ Maps of Racial/Ethnic Populations in U.S. Cities by gwen Lisa’s colleague, sociologist John Lang, E.W., Rachel, J. Wang, Arturo B., and Larry Harnisch all let us know about Eric Fischer’s set of maps that illustrate racial/ethnic populations in a number of U.S. cities, based on Census 2000 data.They’re great for showing levels of segregation, as…