Fall Fashion Trends…For the Fellas

*Disclaimer=The views expressed here aren’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or take shots at anyone. Just my views…take it or F*** you…

Well yesterday saw the start of Fall and because of that I decided to sit down and do some investigating about the latest trends this fall. Some are continuing trends from this Summer, others are retro styles back anew, and others are just…trends LOL. I hope those of you looking to expand your look this Fall can find something new and hot to rock. First up are the 7 Fashion Trends for Fall…

1 ) The 90’s

The 2000s saw a resurgence in 80’s style retro clothing, with most people taking it either too far or making it look cheesy. So it was a very welcome sight to see that designers started leading towards a more 90s era aesthetic. Aiming particularly at some of the 90’s hats, sunglasses, color schemes, and designs; you can be sure to see many pieces from that era making their return to the store. My advice is to jump ahead of the trend and go for it with some particular pieces that are stand-outs and must haves…

Like the snapback has shown areturn to prominence in mainstream fashion circles with releases from 10Deep, New Era, and Burn Rubber. Its a look that, while can be overdone and look too trendy. Done with the right design (simplicity is in this Fall) and you’ll have a nice accessory to top an outfit off.

Another retro mainstay are Ray-Bans. Now if you’re a hipster, then these have been a fashion staple for awhile  now but for everyone else the Ray-Ban is making its comeback. A relatively cheap sunglass (some as low as only $117), these shades definitely will fill out that “I’m Cool but Not Trying” look that is popular right now.

Fishtail Parkas are another big 90’s thing that will make your Fall wardrobe stand out. Its a jacket that can be warm without making you look too bundled and when paired with the dominat colors this Fall, you’ll have a hit.

2) Military

One of the biggest trends from the 90’s were Military themes and they seem to be making their return as well. We will see everything from military colors to camouflage to military apparel. The thing is that you want to make sure you aren’t dressing like a soldier, instead you should look to borrow pieces of the military aesthetic and give it that satorial spin. Don’t over do it and don’t try and be campy with it, but don’t be afraid. Here are some big pieces from that look that I think will be huge this Fall.

Khaki green and navy, yup thats right. Those two colors are the new black. While Jay and everyone else has been pitching the all-black everything movement, this Fall switch it up and bring in some navy (borrowing from that Nautical look) and khaki green to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid either to mix things up.

If you still rocking a g-shock then #FAIL. What you need is a nylon strap watch. Taking again from that military aesthetic, Nylon strap watches will give you a much more subtle and tighter look without having to drop bread on an real grown-up watch.

And since we’re talking about the military lets talk our feet. It’s getting cold so we can’t rock our Nikes forever, so I present the Combat boot. Yup its back. Get a nice vintage looking pair, some fitted denim (or khaki green courdorys) and you’ll officially be doing it. And don’t be afraid to get’em high, the higher the better.

The final piece in this puzzle is of course camouflage itself. While I am not advocating the atrocities we had in the late 90’s with the multi colored stuff. I am saying that getting some camo can spice up some things. But should be used only in moderation.

3) Chambray Shirts/Raw Selvedge Denim

DUHH! I mean these are probably two of my favorite fashion pieces right now. One word of advice, stay away from the cheap looking ones when it comes to the chambray. You want one that feels thick and has some structure to it. This is perfect to be paired with some chinos.

As for the selvedge raw denim, its obvious by now that if you considered yourself fresh and don’t have at least one pair you need to step it up. This is one of those lifestyle pieces that you keep with you and continue to change. I’m actually about to start the process of me altering a pair of raw denim that I’ve had for a while so I’m excited. And for the record: it is cuffing season so don’t be afraid to cuff those jeans.

4) Early 20th Century

While the 90’s aesthetic will be hot for the “hipster” crowds, for those wanting to “dress” it up alittle more they might want to mess with some of the other retro trends coming in vogue. These trends will mix well with some casual looks, without looking trite. And if you want you can really dress them up with a real fitted suit.

Yup, Tweed is in, especially on ties. Its a great material to accent a nice light dress shirt. And can mesh well with a simple sneaker.

Tired of rocking a fitted? Then throw on a porkpie hat. These hats give you a much less urban look but still can give you that stylish finish you look for in a hat.  And they look way less showy then fedoras.

Corduroys, like the ray-bans, have been relevant in hipster circles for some time but now this uniquely fall fabric is a must have this year. It gives you nice fit and feel and can really be that “other” pant outside the khaki and denim…speaking of denim

Now of course 3-piece suits are the rage right now (get your wardrobe up) but the odd vest is also whats hot. Whether its wool, denim, or otherwise a vest can add something to an outfit so definitely look for those in stores and mix and match. But keep it simple and tonal.

5) Leather Jackets…

Now lets be clear not all leather jackets…really two types.

Unless you the homie Curt@!n$ you probably have been ignoring the Biker jacket, well stop. Its definitely the new jacket this year. It might cost you more then other jackets but its warm and functional. And it gives you a much more edgier look.

The other is the leather bomber jacket. This jacket will get you in that Top Gun steez and should really be paired with the military look.

6) Tonal Colors

You probably asking yourself “But Dr.Hip-Hop what are tonal colors?” Well that’s simple tonal colors are”different shaded colors of same main color group”. What that means is that this Fall be conscious of what colors you purchase and don’t be afraid to rock similar colors that are different shades. Worn correctly you give yourself a very well clean look.

7) Smart Accessories

This fall don’t be afraid to add to your look to give it some life. But be careful not to overdo it. The top accessory choices are as follows:

Colorful socks are a must. As I type this my colorful Argyle socks are definitely being rocked. No matter the outfit, colorful socks will help it out. Plus chicks dig them.

These are tough economic times so you can’t be expected to throw on the bezeled out Jesus piece all the time. Luckily this Fall it’s all about the “natural” pieces. From Good Wood’s wood necklaces to beaded bracelets. Its all about the natural side of life.

And finally the last piece to an ensemble, is the bag. And while I am a fan of the duffel bag (which is HUGE this year) I say stick with the rucksack. While more expensive then a typical backpack these solid pieces are typically better made and have more pockets, so more useful.


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