Mixtape Reviews Shorts…Real T@lk and Kendrick

It’s been awhile since I dropped a review, so I’m here to play catch-up with some of the stand-out releases these last few months..

Kendrick Lamar really did a number with this project. Not shying away from any topic, he uses his unique voice and flow to give you a very above average project.  Kendrick has no problem tackling relationships with an earnest and honesty that I felt missing from Drake’s project. He takes that same energy to examining his motives and inner workings. Turning this project from a simple journey through life to an actual re-examination of the man who is Kendrick Lamar. His choice in smooth production allows for many of the tracks to be instant replays. Combine that with his versatile wordplay, and you get a project that set the bar quite high.

What stops this project from being a much more acclaimed work is that Kendrick does hesitate to take us further into his mind. He does provide some retrospective lyrics but I feel like he holds back some, and that keeps the listener from fully immersing themselves. Also some of the music doesn’t bring out the best in his voice or flow and at times can be flat.

Standout tracks: “Growing Apart (To Get Closer)”, “P&P 1.5”, “Opposites Attract”, and “Michael Jordan”

Music: 4.5/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

A wordsmith with the best of them, RealT@lk’s sophomore release The Sitcom showed that he can do more then just spit bars. With a much more relationship centric work, this project was very smooth without losing it’s hip-hop edge. Having a consistent producer gives it a very coherent sound, especially when the producer is as skilled as Authentik Made. His chemistry with Real T@lk makes it so that every song sounds like the words and music were born as twins.

While the project is definitely a banger there are some flaws with it.A very strong start, Real T@lk’s words start to lose their potency and energy about halfway through and pick back up at the end. This makes it feel like its dragging on. This isn’t to say the songs are boring but they just don’t grab you in the same manner. Otherwise I’d say this is a very solid project and shows the continuing growth of this up-n-coming emcee.

Standout Tracks: “Pilot”, “Hey Mr. Dream Merchant”, “The Greatest” and “Deja Vu”

Music: 3.5/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5


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