Flatline Verses: Lupe Fiasco- “SLR”

[Verse 2]
‘Cause nigga I don’t believe that
Like 9/11 came from Iraq
Mayweather on the speed bag
Automatic weapons keep it same rhythm he has
That’s how the hood sound
Grew up in the hood town
West side ghetto, Windy City could count
Black skies lookin’ up, crack pipes lookin’ down
Accused of not lookin’ back, blind nigga look around
City on my back, so the CHI go everywhere I’m at
Presence so shiny, Mercedes so mack
Cop that from Platinum, the color of my plaque
I memorize colors off of Yo! MTV Raps
A nightmare walkin’ in a psychopath’s map
Defeat your purpose like a weed stash in the rehab
Guess who’s sneakin’ in the weed bags
They be me with my mean ass
Not tryna be anything but free as
Flow is so nuts, the track is getting’ teabagged
Just wanna rap nice, that ain’t me tagged
If you wanna be mean, then you wanna be me bad
Call it bein’ Pretty Lyrically Swag
Soulja call it Super Lupe Lyrical
You can’t understand me nor mimic my miracles
All I see is me and Im a mother lovin’ mirror full
Bein’ dope is all in the muscle
It’s more than just a pause and a chuckle
I bench press elephants, and bowlin’ ball juggle
So dont be scared to take the Super Lu route
Top 5 alive and I only got 2 out!
School ya on your history, I tell ya what you ’bout
Fight for all the right things and let the Huey New out
Pharrell what these niggas talkin’ bout?
2 man Big Pun, a 1 man Slaughterhouse
A 2 album Jay-Z, a 1 nigga Wu-Tang
Young and hungry Mos Def, a conscious rappin’ Lil Wayne
I don’t care for similarities
Cause I’m a pioneer, not a parody
These are bars, this is barbarity
SLR… Clarity

-Lupe Fiasco “SLR”


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