TSS: The 15 Most Absurd Lyrics From Lil Wayne’s Carter 4…#TooEasy


The brethren at The Smoking Section gives us another hilarious banger. This time they endure Lil Wayne’s Carter 4 to give us the 15 most ridiculous (wack) lines from the album. Here’s a taste:

Song: “John”

Line: “I get money to kill time, dead clocks.”

Reaction: It’s one of those instances where the line would maybe be funny in a rap battle between to local unknowns. But on C4, the line sounds exactly like what it is – a cringe-worthy, starter kit rhyme that should have stayed buried underground. Dead clocks, ladies and gents. Dead clocks.

If you want to read the rest of the hilarity, CLICK HERE.

Oh, let’s not forget the time they roasted the hell out of Ms. Minaj (CLICK HERE).


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