A List of the Greatest Comic Stories Ever Told

Voted on by the posters at CBR:

Today’s list is the Greatest Luke Cage Stories Ever Told!


10. New Avengers #1-5 “Break Out”



This is the storyline where Luke Cage becomes a member of the Avengers. Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch depict Cage as one of a group of heroes that form the new team. Cage has a major moment against Elektro.

9. Pulse #1-5 “Thin Air”



Cage and Jessica Jones got their own ongoing series (well, for a time) in Pulse, the sequel to Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias. Luke Cage has an amazing confrontation with Norman Osborn at the end of the storyline.

8. Daredevil #178 “Paper Chase”



Luke and Iron Fist are hired by Foggy Nelson to protect a witness. A great issue in the midst of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s classic run on Daredevil.

7. New Avengers Annual #1



Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel tell the wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

6. Power Man and Iron Fist #50 “Freedom”



Cage officially teams up with Iron Fist in this issue that also celebrates Cage’s record being cleared.

5. Alias #24-28 “Purple”



Really only the last couple of issues were voted on, but I figured I might as well do the whole storyline. This is the story of how Jessica Jones realizes that she wants to be with Luke Cage in a real relationship (she also discovers that she is pregnant with his child).

4. Luke Cage: Noir #1-4



Mike Benson and Adam Glass wrote this acclaimed re-envisioning of Luke Cage as a hero in Harlem during the 1930s. Shawn Martinbrough did a marvelous job on the artwork.

3. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #8-9



This is the storyline where Doctor Doom stiffs Luke Cage out of a $200 payment, leading to Cage going on a mission of revenge to Latveria. You can read more about it here.

2. Power Man #48-49



Chris Claremont and John Byrne (with inker Dan Green) show why they are so well regarded as a creative team as the two handle the introduction of Iron Fist into Power Man’s comic book. Their team-up also leads to a major change in Luke’s life – his record being cleared!

1. Pulse #11-14 “Fear”



Luke and Jessica’s baby is born! This nifty storyline (drawn by Alias artist Michael Gaydos), shows the evolution of Luke and Jessica’s relationship, including their first meeting!



10. Uncanny X-Men #341 “When Strikes A Gladiator!”



This well-remembered tale involved Cannonball, a new addition to the X-Men, taking on the Superman stand-in, Gladiator, and holding his own! Joe Madureira and Tim Townsend supplied the artwork.

9. Uncanny X-Men #390 “The Cure”



Lobdell made a return to Uncanny X-Men to write this, the death of Colossus, as the Russian mutant sacrifices himself to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. Colossus’ farewell page is very well handled. Salvador Larocca and Danny Miki did the art.

8. Uncanny X-Men #337 “Know Thy Enemy”



The X-Men deal with the ramifications of the Onslaught crisis. One of Lobdell’s classic “taking a break” issues. Drawn by Joe Madureira and Tim Townsend.

7. Uncanny X-Men #297 “Up and Around”



The X-Men deal with the ramifications of the X-Cutioner’s Song crisis. One of the very first of Lobdell’s “taking a break” issues. Drawn by Brandon Peterson and Dan Panosian.

6. Uncanny X-Men #308 “Mixed Blessings”



This John Romita Jr./Dan Green drawn issue has the X-Men taking some time off from their various crises and Cyclops and Jean Grey get engaged. A lot of sharp character work in this issue.

5. Generation Next #1-4



This Age of Apoclaypse version of the Generation X kids has Colossus and Kitty Pryde leading the team, only Colossus is…well…not all the way there. #4 is one of the more disturbing 1990s X-Men book that you’ll read. Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham do the artwork.

4. The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4



In this mini-series, Cyclops and Jean Grey go on a “honeymoon” that really is them being sent into the future to raise a young Nathan Summers, the boy who would later become Cable. Gene Ha and Al Vey supplied the art.

3. Astonishing X-Men #1-4



One of the spotlight books of the Age of Apocalypse, Lobdell and artists Madureira and Townshend really went nuts with this dynamic series with over-the-top action and strong character bits.

2. Uncanny X-Men #303 “Motions”



In the most classic of Lobdell’s many one-off issues of Uncanny X-Men, this issue shows Jubilee dealing with the death of Illyana Rasputin from the Legacy Virus. Kitty Pryde and Jubilee’s relationship in the issue is really well handled.

1. Generation X #1-3

The students at Xavier’s new school begin to show up, but so does the mysterious Penance and the evil Emplate! Stand-out work from Lobdell, Bachalo and Buckingham.

Today’s list is the Greatest Loki Stories Ever Told!


10. Avengers/Defenders War



Loki and Dormammu manipulate the Avengers and Defenders against each other.

9. Silver Surfer #4 “The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny”



Loki manipulates the Silver Surfer and Thor against each other.

8. Thor #364-366 Frog of Thunder



Loki turns Thor into a frog.

7. Journey Into Mystery #622-630 “Fear Itself”



Loki (reborn as a younger version of himself who, while still extremely skilled at manipulation, is not necessarily evil) tries to come up with ways to help Thor survive the events of Fear Itself.

6. Thor #12 “Diversions and Misdirections”



Loki’s origin, with a delightfully twisted twist, courtesy of J. Michael Straczynski.

5. Acts of Vengeance



Loki manipulates super-villains to take on superheroes that they’ve never fought before.

4. Loki #1-4 (2004)



Loki’s side of the story, as told by Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic.

3. X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2, X-Men Annual #9 and New Mutants Special Edition “X-Men: The Asgardian Wars”

Loki manipulates the X-Men, the New Mutants and Alpha Flight for his amusement (and partially to take down Thor).

2. Thor #375-382 “The finale of Walter Simonson’s Thor run”



Loki manipulates the Frost Giants, but things go wrong as Simonson wraps up his acclaimed run.

1. Thor #348-353 (mainly #353 for Loki) “The Surtur Saga”



Loki delivers one of the most awesome lines in superhero comic history as he joins his brother and father in defending Asgard and Earth against the dreaded Surtur. Odin shouts, “For Asgard!” Thor shouts, “For Midgard!” Loki shouts, “For myself!”







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