Juvenile’s Ha in Questionnaire Form…As Requested from @_titojohnsON

Taking a challenge from my friend @_titojohnsON on twitter, I repeatedly listened to the classic hip-hop track from Juvenile titled “Ha” and created a questionnaire. It might seem silly but take some time to take the questionnaire, and while doing so listen to the track below.


Part 1.

1. Do you drive a bad ass Benz?
2.Are you having trouble keeping your significant other because of your infidelity with her friends?
3. Do you have to go to family court over child support? And is that getting on your nerves? Did your child’s mother not allow you any opportunity to speak at the proceedings?
4. Even with those circumstances, are you doing alright because of all the cocaine your brother sells?
5. Is it true that you are not afraid to kill someone because you know all the rules of the game?
6. Are you willing to allow someone to intimidate you? Brag in front of you? Control you?
7. Do you know anyone who sells very potent marijuana?
8. Are you capable of using a triple beam scale? If so, is it as difficult as it seems?
9. Do you believe your bodily hygiene if proficient?
10. Do you own a significant supply of Marithe Francois Girbaud denim?
11. Have any of your past sexual partners been crack cocaine users?
12. Do you really care for the friends you have? Because you grew up with these people, do you feel a certain type of bond with them, which in turn makes it hard to stop having a friendship with them?


Part 2.

13. Do you feel strong affection towards Mannie Fresh?
14. Are you aware of what Cash Money Records is going to do next?
15. Did you purchase Juvenile’s album with a check?
16. Are you currently wearing a bulletproof vest? Is this an effort to protect your chest?
17. Did your Mercedes Benz cost $70,000?
18. However is that Mercedes Benz really yours or your friends?
19. Do you desire to stop those other gentlemen in your neighborhood from manipulating you?
20. Do you have ambition to control the drug trade in your neighborhood?
21. Furthermore, do you want to be the only man with the crack cocaine for sale in your neighborhood?
22. Do you keep your firearm loaded and ready to fire?
23. Do you count your money every night before bed?
24. Are you currently on a three day flight because of the amount of alcohol you have consumed?
25. Are you currently in the process of avoiding some form of law enforcement?
26. Were you on the 11pm CBS news last night because of the aggravated robbery of some young men?
27. Do you avoid the bad side of town at night?
28. Do you subscribe to the label of a “thug”, even though you are not courageous?
29. Were you in the Magnolia New Orleans projects on New Year’s Eve? If so, is it true that you had no method of transportation out the projects that? Were you very frightened that night?


Part 3.

30. Are you currently facing a trespassing charge?
31. Did that sexually arouse you?
32. Were you looking at those young ladies in a sexual manner?
33. Are you unable to tell when it is appropriate to conclude something?
34. Are you someone that calls the shots?
35. Are you someone with a large amount of extravagant things?
36. Are you currently taking cocaine?
37. Does your girlfriend know when it is inappropriate to divulge personal information?
38. Do you plan to enter a physical altercation with your girlfriend?
39. Have you switched your preferred choice of athletic shoe from Nike to Reebok?
40. Do you showcase your gold covered teeth every time you venture out your home?
41. Are you considering using your tax refund check to make more money by purchasing a gram of cocaine, so that you may sell it on the drug market?
42. Or are you considering to use that same gram of cocaine for recreational use instead?
43. Do you have plans to engage in some lively physical intercourse with your girlfriend or some young lady?
44. If you are without money, are you upset?
45. When you do have large sums of money, do you enjoy going to various places to spend it?
46. Do you consider yourself to be a good position in your life?
47. Did you commit an armed robbery of someone’s store in your neighborhood?
48. Do you believe that your current crime spree can not be halted?
49. Are you currently riding in a Mercedes Benz with 20 inch chrome rims?


13 thoughts on “Juvenile’s Ha in Questionnaire Form…As Requested from @_titojohnsON

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  2. This is hilarious, especially considered I was born and raised in New Orleans.

    I have to say, though, a few of the meanings are off. In 11, he isn’t referring to a sexual partner, but partner as friend. Like a homie. 30 is a standalone. 31 and 32 should be combined (Where you sexually aroused when looking at those young girls?). 37 is not about divulging personal info. ‘That ho don’t know when to shut up her mouth’ is a reference to a woman instigating or nagging during an argument and angering the man, thus leading into the following ‘You gon’ knock that ho teeth out.’

    I had no idea a three day flight was in reference to a alcohol binge, lol. I loved this, it’s awesome. You should do his other song, Solja Rag.

  3. Remarkable. The only thing I think may be questionable is #11. He refers to partners as long-time friends rather than sexual partners.

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