Flatline Verse of the Week: @Rapsodymusic – “Believe Me”

Like, Like
Mountains and peaks, valleys I been through
The landlord telling me come through, rent due
Since you seem to have it all figured out
Next month while you coppin’ one, cop’ me a Benz too
They all think just because rhymes being laid
That niggas getting paid, when I struggle like you do
Put out more product and it’s better than labels move
Meet the frustration that I never gave into, Nigga
Lauryn ain’t crazy, just dont know what she been though
Complaining bout radio, my nigga, got no room
Cause niggas wit opinions dont support you on itunes
Listen, my soul mission was to rap and get paid too
Be someone that these little girls look up to
Now I see the game for what it is, a big chess move
Playing my cards all how they was dealt
I won’t blessed with the money so my movement ain’t felt
Nigga, smoke and mirrors, look in the mirror
Telling myself, “self ain’t you glad your shit is imperial?”
I rule everything around me the C.R.E.A.M
Get your dollar, dollar bills yall this game is all a scheme
For control and being sold is a backwards kinda thing
They saying I’m the future so I’ll never waste my ring
And not answer my calling to be your daughter dream
My train of thought rapid, Im just blowing esteem
Putting fear in these rappers all proclaiming they king
If Maximus had a wife, then to Rome I’d be queen

Rapsody- “Believe Me” from her latest album The Idea of Beautiful


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