#Marvel Teases the End of the #UltimateUniverse

The Ultimate Universe has been through some major ups and downs — including surviving a “Cataclysm” — but now, if the newest Marvel Comics teaser image by Mark Bagley is any indication, “The End” of the Ultimate U might be near. Well, maybe not — the teaser is clearly a part of the series of mystery teasers that continuously reference past events from Marvel history — with the most recent “Inhumans: Attilan Rising” teaser combining the Inhumans and “Atlantis Rising”. “The End” referred to a number of miniseries that began in 2003 and spanned through to 2007 — all of which dealt with possible endings for various aspects of the Marvel Universe.

The teaser image by Bagley — labeled with a Summer 2015 release date, just like the rest of the many Marvel mystery images — features the full cast of the Ultimate U, ranging from Miles Morales all the way through to Ultimate Nick Fury, the Ultimate Future Foundation and many more. As a special bonus, the image is also reminiscent of Marvel’s “Contest of Champions” three-issue limited series from 1982. It’s very likely that the teaser is some reference to the “Secret Wars” event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.


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