Marvel Reveals Prequel to AVENGERS’ TIME RUNS OUT & Plans Heading Into SECRET WARS

from Newsarama

In September both the Avengers and New Avengers jumped forward 9 months in the future to tell a story dubbed “Time Runs Out,” which shows a dramatically altered Marvel U with hero against hero unlike any struggle before. And in an online Q&A hosted by, Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort revealed that readers will be able to find out how the world got to the way it was in “Time Runs Out” in a new arc of Avengers World.

“In Avengers World, beginning with issue #17, we’re going to be going ‘Before Time Ran Out,’” says Brevoovrt, “ which will give deep background and reveal new information on what got some of the changes seen in ‘Time Runs Out’ to where they are.”

Avengers World #17’s cover shows the newly minted couple of Cannonball and Smasher, holding their child, and recoiling from Smasher’s former colleagues – the Imperial Guard. Brevoort says the Shi’ar Imperial Guard will be a significant part of “Before Time Ran Out,” and the arc will also see more of how Sunspot became leader of the Avengers by the time of the events of “Time Runs Out.”
When asked about the status quo of Captain Britain after it was revealed that he’s the last surviving Captain Britain in “Time Runs Out,” Brevoort revealed the cover to the forthcoming New Avengers #30 and pointed to that for further details on Braddock.

Pin It new Avengers #30 cover by Alan Davis
CREDIT: Marvel
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Brevoort goes on to answer a volley of questions from fans, confirming that it is in fact the Beyonder on the cover to New Avengers #29, and that the recent death of the Living Tribunal will be followed up on in comics soon.

Throughout the interview, Brevoort was asked several questions about the planning of Secret Wars – which “Time Runs Out” acts as a pre-cursor to – and says that it’s been in the works for several years now, even predating “Marvel NOW!”.

“[‘Time Runs Out’] was something that Jonathan had planned for since the very beginning. And what it allows us to do is to tell all of the Secret Wars story set-up that we need without having all of the other books in the line tripping over us, and vice versa.”

Brevoort says that the idea for Secret Wars predated Avengers Vs. X-Men, but it became “the crux” of Hickman’s combined Avengers run. In an earlier draft of the story, Brevoort says that Professor X was originally to play a role in Secret Wars but it had to be altered when it was decided the mutant leader would die in the finale of AvX. Brevoort did also confirm some readers’ suspicions that Hickman had hid clues for Secret Wars going as far back as his Fantastic Four run from 2009 to 2012.\

“There are some definite clues to be found in that run, yes,” Brevoort confirms. “ Stuff that was planted years in advance.”

Brevoort ended the online Q&A with a light-heard joke that jabbed at Marvel’s cross-town rivals, joking that Secret Wars was so immense that it caused DC’s similar cross-dimensional crossover, “Convergence.”



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