from CBR

Marvel’s upcoming “Secret Wars” event has allowed the publisher to delve more heavily into non-superhero genres, and the latest example is “Weirdworld,” a sword-and-sorcery fantasy series revealed Tuesday on USA Today. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Mike Del Mundo, recently of “Elektra,” the books takes its name from a late 1970s Marvel fantasy series by Doug Moench and Mike Ploog.

“If I got to take all my favorite genre movies from the 1970s and throw them into one world, this would be that world,” Aaron told USA Today. “‘Secret Wars’ was one of those things that offered the chance to do really any story you could imagine.”

“Weirdworld” is set to star Arkon, a long-running Marvel character who has been a villain in the past, but is the protagonist of this story. “He’s in a place he doesn’t understand, can’t explain and doesn’t know how he got there or know how long he’s been there,” Aaron is quoted.

The series is said to be mostly self-contained, while still a part of the larger “Secret Wars” story. “Weirdworld” #1 is scheduled for release on June 3.


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