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“Korvac Saga” cover by Otto Schmidt.

The latest addition to Marvel’s massive “Secret Wars”slate is “Korvac Saga,” a new take on the classic Avengers storyline first revealed Monday byNewsarama. The creative team is writer Dan Abnettand newcomer artist Otto Schmidt, with the book starring the cast of the Abnett-written “Guardians 3000” — who are working for Korva, an ultra-powerful character created by Steve Gerber and Jim Starlin and first introduced in 1975’s “Giant-Size Defenders” #3.

“He’s not a bad guy,” Abnett told Newsarama, differentiating this take on the character from more villainous depictions. “The Guardians are his police, his bodyguards, his retainers. They are loyal to him because they believe in him.”

The series is set to put Korvac and the Guardians 3000 — year 3000 versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy, based on the original incarnation of that team — against Wonder Man and a team of Avengers, with both Korvac and Wonder Man at the head of neighboring Battleworld domains (“Forest Hills” and “Holy Wood,” respectively). Wonder Man’s team is said to include Captain Marvel, Jocasta, Black Panther, Hercules, Vision, Moondragon, Yellowjacket and Black Widow.

“It’s a shocking story, very unusual,” Abnett is quoted. “A villain who isn’t a full-on villain, and foe that even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can’t stop. It’s, I think, the original Guardians’ most epic, classic story, and it makes Korvac their number one foe, their classic adversary, their arch-nemesis.”

“Korvac Saga” is set to debut from Marvel in June.


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